SECU member, Abigail Clayton
Member Story

Abigail Clayton: Vice President, City Officer 1

Abigail Clayton is a tireless volunteer, organizer, and helper. Within her role at SECU, she is a fierce advocate for youth financial education, and has been involved in several different teaching engagements aimed at helping the youth of North Carolina learn better financial literacy.

Outside of her full-time job she dedicates countless hours to the betterment of her community. For more than ten years, Abigail served as the Director of the Jackson County Special Olympics. Under her careful watch, the program grew into an overwhelming success that serves hundreds of athletes in Jackson County.

For the past four years, she’s also served as an elected official on the Jackson County School Board where she enforces policies that enhance the academic lives of thousands of children. A dedicated leader and supervisor, she’s not afraid of hard work. Over the past two years alone, she’s helped paint the interior of a local elementary school, revitalize the landscaping of another school, organize food drives to feed students in need over the holidays, and donated her time and money to a county-wide event that provides necessities and services to students and families in the Jackson County School District.

“I don’t necessarily look at any work I do as going ’above and beyond,’ because I feel that is my job with every SECU member and every member of the Jackson County community.”

Her impact on the community she serves has positively affected thousands of people, and her cooperative spirit perfectly embodies the Credit Union motto of “People Helping People®.”