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Dedicated Programs for our State Employees: Serving Those Who Serve Our State

The needs of our members vary from one person to the next. Some seek financial education, while others count on us to walk them through the process of purchasing a home. Whether opening your first savings account or looking for help with retirement planning, it’s important that we understand and serve the wide-ranging needs of our members. And that’s how our new service offerings come to fruition, like our brand-new program designed specifically for North Carolina’s state employees who are in the market for an auto loan.

“Members’ demand for loan products remains strong, which is why we are offering loan products at more competitive rates for our state employees.”
Stacie Walker, SECU’s Chief Lending Officer

In August 2023, SECU introduced its latest offering, which provides an additional 0.5% interest rate discount on new and used auto loans for full-time and retired North Carolina state employees (including public school employees). Though any SECU member can apply for an auto loan and receive a competitive rate, those who have state payroll or retirement benefits from the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer on direct deposit with SECU can now qualify for additional savings.

“When we introduce a new product or make changes to an existing product, we listen to the feedback of our members to ensure we are meeting their lending needs,” says Stacie Walker, SECU’s Chief Lending Officer. “Members’ demand for loan products remains strong, and to support our core membership, we are offering loan products at more competitive rates for our active and retired state employees.”


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SECU is also conscious of the specific needs of North Carolina educators and education administrators. Our Summer Cash Account program helps employees at public schools, universities, and community colleges save for those times of the year when they’re not receiving a regular paycheck. Many of our state educators are paid only nine, ten, or eleven months out of the year, leaving no income during the times when school isn’t in session, mainly during the summer months. With this program, funds are automatically transferred from each paycheck you receive throughout the year into your Summer Cash Account, and then automatically transferred into an SECU share or deposit account when the paychecks stop coming in. This allows you to seamlessly cover your expenses, while keeping your financial standing intact.

At SECU, we are continuously listening to and supporting our state employees, and evolving in order to provide you with thoughtful financial services that meet you where you are.