Pictured is a man wearing a blue, button-down shirt and backpack retrieving cash from an ATM. The man is smiling and holding a coffee, evoking the ease of the process.
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Driving Quick and Efficient Banking with a Reliable ATM Experience

At SECU, we aim to make all our members’ experiences as seamless as can be, including your transactions at the ATM. To meet your needs for fast, efficient banking, we have multiple departments who support SECU’s network of CashPoints® ATMs.

When you use an ATM to make a deposit or check your balance, you’re in and out. Little do you know what goes into making that experience a smooth one. It begins with our ATM Operations team, who is responsible for making sure that our ATM services are dependable. We have an around-the-clock monitoring team that confirms the operability of our ATMs, a team that manages our ATM vendors, and IT support teams at our ATM lab. At the lab, you’ll find test machines representing all the models in our ATM fleet. Before any new hardware or software is installed in our fleet, it must pass a gamut of tests.

“We test and then we test, and then we test again to make sure any issues are addressed before we put new software or hardware out to production to members. Then when we roll that out, we feel good about the stability of it,” says Whit Coolbaugh, SVP of ATM Strategy and Operations.

All of the work performed by the teams who support our ATMs serves our main objective: to meet our members’ needs reliably and consistently. “A consistent experience is huge, in my opinion,” says Coolbaugh. To achieve it, our ATM team works hand-in-hand with other SECU departments. This ongoing collaboration results in banking experiences that feel familiar and intuitive to members, no matter which service they are using. “Our look out in the field, on every screen, in the way we talk to you, and in the way we present information should all be consistent,” he says.

ATMs are an extension of your branch. Among other transactions, members can get cash, make a check or cash deposit, transfer funds between accounts, and get a cash advance from their credit card. You can even make a mortgage payment using our ATMs. Best of all, all transactions performed with SECU-issued cards at a CashPoints ATM are fee-free.

Financial transactions can be sensitive, or even nerve-wracking. Should you be making a mortgage payment, for example, at an ATM, you need to be sure that payment goes through on time. SECU takes this into account across our fleet of ATMs.

“Our members expect ATMs to work, to be reliable and secure. Otherwise, it can turn very emotional very quickly,” Coolbaugh says. “I try to put myself in our members’ shoes.”

We believe the best ATM experience is one where our members can walk away without giving their transaction another thought. Though we are constantly looking to the future and considering new features, our main goal is always to deliver simplicity, speed, security, and reliability at every ATM. That’s what our members deserve.