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Empowering our Employees, Enhancing Member Service

An investment in our SECU team is also an investment in our members! Supporting employees in the best ways possible allows them to come to work excited, energized, and well-positioned to provide the very best member service and create deep connections with the people in our communities across North Carolina.

Alice Garland, former Vice Chair of the SECU Board of Directors, put it this way: “Employees are the glue that holds the organization together. I think one of the reasons our members are so happy with us is because when they walk into a branch, they’re going to be treated like they’re a member of the family, which they are.”


Alice Garland, former SECU Board of Directors member, holds a microphone while speaking on stage.
Alice Garland, former member of SECU’s Board of Directors, speaks about the employee experience at the We Are SECU: On the Road tour.


To best serve you, we’re listening to our members and to our employees. As part of our broader strategic plan for the future of SECU, we’re investing in our employees to ensure they are fully engaged and receiving the resources, tools, and time they need to be successful in their roles of serving you with the personal touch you’ve come to love and trust.

My main goal as a leader at SECU is to constantly keep in mind both the employees and the members as we forge ahead with seriously needed changes.
Alice Garland, former Vice Chair of the SECU Board of Directors

We’re starting with the basics: investing in our people in ways that truly impact their lives. By equipping team members with necessary resources, competitive pay and benefits, and the training they need, we’re making strides toward our goal of helping to ensure SECU is a great place to work.

SECU offers a competitive benefits package, including a 401k match, floating holidays and flex hours, volunteer hours, paid parental and caregiver leave, medical, dental, life and disability insurance, and much more. And with ongoing surveys, listening sessions, and other opportunities to engage with our team and learn what is most important to them, we’ll continue to evolve our employee benefits to best align with their needs.

We’re also expanding our employee learning and development offerings to give every team member a broader knowledge of all that SECU has to offer to our membership. Regardless of the area they work in, more knowledge will ultimately result in better service to you!

We are working to assure that there’s a subject matter expert on every aspect of our financial services offerings, in every branch. This way, you can get what you need when you visit your local branch. We’re also providing more leadership opportunities for managers to increase their effectiveness and create work environments to give their staff the support to better serve you.

So what does that mean for members?

At SECU, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our member experience in branches across all 100 North Carolina counties. By using technology or working to streamline the member experience, we’re reducing the time our employees spend on processes and giving them more time to provide you with the personalized, relationship-driven financial experience you’ve come to expect.

We’ve recently upgraded our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to help better serve members over the telephone. This new program allows you to have a conversation with an automated service line, describing what you need so the system can put you in contact with the right person at SECU. While our older “press a number” system is still available, the new program speeds up the process by reducing the amount of wait time needed for an SECU team member to determine the best person to address your immediate need. It’s a time saver for all!

We’re exploring and evaluating new ways to receive the information you need: two-way chat. For simple tasks and questions, we want to provide members the option to chat on our app or website with our expert team members. In our surveys and trips around the state, we’ve heard that you are ready for this new feature, and preparations are underway.

At SECU, we’re here for you, and we’re here for each other. By working together, we believe that we can provide you with exceptional service and build upon our great community relationships.

We look forward to assisting you in our branches, through an online chat, or over the phone – however you want to be served, we’re here to support you.