SECU member Heidi Johnson and her family
Member Story

Heidi Johnson Believes “We” Means a Stronger Future

With a firefighter husband and two children currently serving in the armed forces, Heidi Johnson’s family understands the importance of service. The convenience and personalized care they experience in-person at the branch and over the phone has given them supportive access to their Credit Union for more than a decade, which helps Heidi feel right at home.

“It’s a small-town feel when I walk into a branch. They say hi, and they know my name and I know their names. When we need help, they’ve always pointed us in the right direction and been very direct in what our available options are. They don’t push anything; they just make sure we can make the right decision that makes sense for us.”

That level of comfort and service guided Heidi and her family to open a Share Term Certificate (STC), as well as a FAT CAT® account for their youngest child to give him a place to safely save for the future. At the Benson branch, SECU staff guided Heidi as she chose the best options to provide a more secure financial future for her son.

“If you have an issue, if you need anything, you can call and actually talk to a person. That level of connection and support is really important to me. Their rates, their support, and how they make you feel really can’t be beat.”