Mercy Hoffman, SECU member
Member Story

Mercy Hoffman: Senior Financial Services Representative

The name Mercy Hoffman is synonymous with exceptional member service. Mercy goes above and beyond to treat every SECU member like they’re a part of her family. Her attitude is second to none, and the care that she shows for members cannot be measured.

“After I talk to my members, my co-workers will ask me ‘Mercy, do you know that person outside of work?’ and no, I don’t, but I talk to my members like they’re my family.”

For over 15 years, Mercy has made a tremendous impact on members. Whether it’s helping them figure out how to pay their bills or how to save enough money for their wedding, she’ll work hard to help members succeed.

Because of Mercy’s level of service and commitment, many members consistently come back to her for help. Her positivity and enthusiasm are infectious, and she’s known as one of SECU’s shining stars.