portrait of SECU member Michael Kellet
Member Story

Michael Kellett Believes Kindness & Care are the Keys to Greater Communities

A sergeant-at-arms in Ahoskie, North Carolina with more than 15 years of law enforcement service, Michael’s life has always been focused on fighting to give his all to make his community a better place. That commitment to serving others, he says, was a big part of his family, and has served him well throughout his career in the force, and his life.

Why are community and service so important to him? Because, after a battle with cancer that almost took his life, he sees the dedication and care he received from friends, neighbors, and even his own SECU branch as the driving force behind his successful recovery. Something he feels he’ll always be grateful for.

“SECU looks to the people. When they ask about how you’re feeling, how’s your family, and how are you doing, that means the world to me. They showed me the kindness and care of a family, and you can’t pay for that.”

The outpouring of support that Michael received throughout his battle with cancer is what drives his commitment to giving back. Today, if you’re looking for Michael, you’ll most likely find him in the gym, training to get stronger as he works to ensure others have the same support he has received from his community.

Michael’s level of commitment to service, to supporting those in need throughout the community wherever they are in life is, to him, mirrored by SECU’s commitment to meeting members where they are.

Michael Kellet