local SECU Advisory Board members set up a table of snacks at a local branch
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Our Member Advisory Boards Are Here For You

At SECU, members like you help guide us every step of the way.

Picture above: Local SECU Member Advisory Board members create a welcoming atmosphere at a local branch by setting up a table of snacks, fostering community engagement and providing a space for members to share their feedback and ideas.

It can’t be said enough: members are at the center of everything we do at SECU, and they help guide us every step of the way.

All across our great state, members like you volunteer to meet regularly with local branch managers, SECU leadership, and the SECU Board of Directors to provide feedback and guidance about our products, our services, and our overall member experience. These Advisory Board members are your advocates, serving as local and vocal representatives of our membership and working to make sure that our credit union remains tethered to the needs of North Carolina’s communities.

All of North Carolina’s communities. In fact, we have 3,240 volunteers serving on Member Advisory Boards across all 100 counties. Each branch’s Advisory Board consists of 12 members, each serving two-year terms.

And just like you, many of our Advisory Board members are out on the town. They’re getting involved in local events, philanthropy, and local government, integrating into the communities they serve, hosting member forums to determine the needs of their neighbors, and seeking the best ways to help strengthen our credit union. Many provide a liaison with various state agencies, school systems, community colleges and universities.

SECU is a credit union by its members and for its members. That’s why our Advisory Board members and our Board of Directors met at the end of 2022 on strategy, and will continue discussions about the vision for SECU’s future, one where we always meet our members where they are. They’re your advocates, and they’re here for you.

Do you want to be involved?

Get in touch with your very own Member Advisory Board through your local branch and let us know how we can help make our credit union work even better, for all of us.