SECU member Richard Warner
Member Story

Richard Warner: Assistant Branch Manager

Prior to joining the SECU team, Richard Warner was serving in the North Carolina National Guard. When he served as a guardsman, he wasn’t aware of his State Employees’ Credit Union eligibility and spent years paying overpriced fees at a traditional banking institution. Today, Richard is passionate about telling North Carolina National Guardsmen of their SECU membership eligibility.

Because of his time with the North Carolina National Guard, Richard feels that every guardsman should be aware of the unique advantages SECU membership provides.  That’s why he set out to make a difference among members of the National Guard in North Carolina.

Richard successfully established a relationship with Guard leaders and began a bi-weekly rotation to present to every new full-time guardsman during their orientation. Thanks to his efforts, he’s reached 154 new full-time guardsmen and is set to continue indefinitely. To ensure this effort continues at full strength, he’s onboarded multiple trainers across more than eight branches and three districts to assist with this effort.

By joining SECU, members of the North Carolina National Guard have access to a trusted financial provider, as well as in-depth financial education resources and membership eligibility for their immediate family members.

“It’s been a very positive experience seeing people who are in the same situation I used to be in, being informed about their choices and having the opportunity to make better financial decisions for themselves and their families.”