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Technology-Driven Defense: Protecting our Members

At SECU, we take member privacy very seriously. That’s why we are vigilant about securing your data in our branches, on our website, and with our new digital services and enhancements.

As part of our strategic plan for the future, SECU is implementing more security features to further protect you and your family from fraud, giving you simple and consistent access to your accounts, and providing you with control over the tools you use to manage your financial life.

Former SECU Board member Thomas Parrish is particularly proud of the work being done to protect members as we grow our digital service offerings.

“Those are some of the important things that we’re putting into our digital transformation package to ensure that the members can use some of these tools, but use them securely,” he said. “I can have the confidence that, when I make a deposit, my money’s there and I can trust the tools that I need and that I have in front of me.”


Former SECU Board of Directors Member, Thomas Parrish, in conversation, during an event.
Former SECU Board of Directors Member, Thomas Parrish, in conversation with SECU CEO, Leigh Brady and a member at a Lead for NC event.


Debit Card Lock

We all lose things every now and then, but the loss of a debit card can potentially have a big impact on your finances. Whether a card is left behind at a restaurant, is inside a stolen wallet, or just stuck in between the couch cushions, it’s important to us that you have a debit card tool to help keep unauthorized users from accessing your accounts.

That’s why SECU has implemented the Debit Card Lock program. With just a few clicks, you can lock your debit card and prevent it from being used until it’s found or until a replacement has been issued to your mailing address. And, it can be unlocked as simply as it was locked!

This is about safety, security, and peace of mind. As your trusted financial services provider, we believe in giving you the tools to access and monitor your money, while we also work to keep you safe and secure!


Multi-Factor Authentication

At SECU, we’re working diligently to ensure that you have convenient access to your Credit Union accounts from anywhere – at home on your computer, from your phone while you’re on the go, or in our branches with your trusted SECU team. Just as important as convenience is security, and that’s why we have another layer of protection to make sure that more than a simple username and password stands between your accounts and bad actors using screens around the world.

That protection is multi-factor authentication.

That's an extra layer of security to ensure that you are the only person that's accessing your account.
Thomas Parrish, former member of the SECU Board of Directors

With multi-factor authentication, you are prompted to enter a secondary code after logging in with your username and password. Based on a pre-selected preference, the code is sent to your email or via text to your personal phone, providing a second point of control to ensure that someone without access to your email or phone also cannot gain access to your accounts, data, or money.

And that’s not all! With new technology comes new servers and infrastructure to enhance security for member data. As we continue to expand our services and update our infrastructure, security remains paramount.

Members are always at the center of what we do at SECU. Through recent surveys, we found that 63% of our members and prospective members indicated that technology is very important to them. We’re listening and responding, and as we increase our digital service offerings to empower you with new tools and exciting new technology, we’re keeping security in mind every step of the way.