Leigh Brady, CEO of SECU, is pictured standing with Ron Peo, an SECU branch team member in an office doorway.
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With you—and each other—for the long haul

When team members come to SECU, they find many reasons to stay
CEO Leigh Brady meets Ron Peo, SECU team member at a branch in Greenville, North Carolina.

“People Helping People” is more than just a motto at SECU; it’s something we all live by. And it’s been with us for decades, just like many of our team members.

Dedicated and full of heart, our team members are deeply invested in North Carolina’s communities and in the work they do here at SECU. We’re proud of their work, and we believe it’s important to understand why they have chosen to stick with us for so long.

So, we asked them.

Jamie Garrett, our VP of Marketing Operations, has been with SECU for 24 years.

“SECU is all about the people,” she says. “The people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with throughout my career who were friends that became family. Those people have stayed with SECU because of the same reason, and of course, our most important reason for staying: the impact SECU has on our members, their families, and their communities.”

We care for each other at SECU and, together, we care for our members and our communities. Sara Trexler, our Chief Administration Officer, says it’s the collective mission of all SECU team members to help others, contribute to the greater good, and improve the financial lives of members throughout North Carolina.

“There is nothing more rewarding than feedback from a member who thanks you for helping them while making them feel valued and welcomed,” she says. “I love the excitement and confidence that people feel when they can conquer a financial problem. How lucky I am to be a part of that?”

For team members like Kimberly Simmons Moore, our Regional Senior Vice President, there’s a deep sense of purpose that comes with the job. “Daily, as an SECU employee, we have the chance to make a real difference in the lives of our members and our commitment to meeting their needs extends beyond the walls of our branches and operation centers. It spills out into the communities we serve,” she explains. “When you believe in what your organization stands for and it closely aligns with your personal core values, why would you want to leave?”

Tenesha Carter, Senior Vice President of Financial Advisory Services – Retail Delivery, agrees.

“It is a special thing to find a career that allows you to support your family AND be both fulfilled by and proud of the work you do!” she says.

At SECU, our team is committed to both our members and their work. The least we can do as an organization is to be committed to them, too.

As part of SECU’s strategic plan, we’re making significant improvements to our employee benefits program, not solely to retain our talented team members, but to show our appreciation for their years of service to their communities.

We’re contributing to our team members’ 401k savings so that they are financially sound and prepared for the future. We’re offering service days so that they can engage more deeply within their communities. And we’re focusing on professional development so that our team members have the skills, confidence, and support to grow their careers.

Brenda Anderson, Senior Vice President of Talent Development and Training, knows the value of making our team feel appreciated. After all, she’s been with SECU for 41 years,

“When you believe in something and you know you’re believed in and appreciated, there is no need to think anywhere could be any better than SECU,” she says.

“SECU provides employees the opportunity to build a strong professional foundation which includes continuous learning, career development, networking, opportunities to build character, and self-achievement,” explains Karyn S. Roth, a team member at our Raleigh-Stonehenge branch. “As that foundation develops, the ability to mentor and support future leaders is rewarding and we become stronger advocates of our culture within the organization and community.”

Karyn has been with SECU for 24 years and, like so many of our team members across the state, she has become an advocate for SECU’s community-driven, people-centered culture in her branch and throughout our organization.

We’re proud of our entire team. Those who have spent decades building their career here and those who have just recently made SECU their home. All have contributed to the financial strength of so many members and their families, and we look forward to working arm-in-arm with them for many more years to come.